PC or Console: Which gaming system to play?

By | May 15, 2018

PC or Console: Which gaming system to play?

This is a problem many gamers have to consider before buying a system to play the game. In this article we share the experience for you to take an objective view. Which gaming system should be the most suitable for gaming?

1. Game store

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The first concern of gamers is definitely the amount of game. Currently, most popular games are available on both PC and Console systems, with the following differences:

PC: This is definitely the gaming system has the most game collections, just recently has a new game for you to play continuously. If you’re on the Console for a few weeks and you’ve got some new games to play, then your PC will pick up dozens of new games every day.

There are three other noteworthy features of the PC game:

Backward compatibility: You can play older games such as Stronghold or Red Alerts. You can also simulate a lot of games of the old console on the PC.

You can play Mods of the game on your PC, although the current Xbox also gives the player this ability. But the quality and quantity cannot be equal to the PC

If you are a fan of FPS games or tactics, then you can stop reading here and go buy a PC. Because these genres are not into console games.

Console: The reason you buy Console in this case can only be exclusive games on gaming systems only. For example, Uncharted 4 or Destiny or you are given a console only.

Especially the games on Nintendo, its ability to appear on the PC is even lower. In short, if you are a Mario fanatic, Zelda, Pokemon, Nintendo is definitely the only option. If you are already a Nintendo fan, then you definitely will not buy a PC or console.

We asked a 40-year-old gamer: “Do you like playing games on a PC or Xbox?”

Then he answered, “It depends game!”

We asked another gamer with the same question, and he replied, “Both.”

But if we are forced to answer a question like: “If you go out on a deserted island and only have a gaming system for 10 years, which one do you have?”

Their answer is tilted towards the PC system.

Conclusion: PC wins 1-0

2. Simple, convenient

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Talking about the convenience of gaming, we lean toward the console more. Because of its quick and simple setup capability. So you can just start playing games right away.

You do not need to know too much about computers and install software. You do not even need to know the configuration. All are tweaked for gaming, gaming and game management.

Another point I like about the console is that you do not worry about jerky, lag when playing games on these systems. Because game developers have optimized the game to fit the console as possible. On a PC you can use a better graphics card but the game is not stable at all.

We tried refining the settings to make a PC feel like a simple console. However, you cannot do it perfectly or need to spend a lot of effort. One simple example is that you can open the console simply by having the most buttons on the controller 5-10 meters away, and the PC is not.

We asked a gamer: “Why do you like to play console games?”

Then his opinion is: “When playing games I want to be comfortable after a hard day working with the laptop. And I really do not want to go to the laptop when I play games. I want to sit on a cushion or lie on a couch while relaxing.”

“When I think of a game that I want to play, I want to be able to play it within 30 seconds. In my opinion, the PC is hard to do because it has to wait to boot up, wait for the software to run, wait Steam. Most importantly, before you play, getting your boss’s email message is offensive.”

Conclusion: Console wins. 1-1

3. Ability to upgrade

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PC is a master race, which means that the console is not a competitor in this category. Graphics card companies every time introduce their new masterpieces like the new GTX 1080, the fans of the console only know secretly want to own. No matter what the explanation, there is an undeniable truth. That is, once you understand and know how to build a real gaming system. This means that the power of your PC can be more powerful than the latest Console to several years.

For PC you can upgrade whenever you want, from the capacity to graphics card.

Conclusion: PC wins and the score is 2-1.

4. Can play games or work

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This is one of the things we think most about when deciding on a PC or a console.

We asked this question with a friend who got the answer: “I like to play games from a young age and most of them are simple games. Growing up has not changed and I’m playing games around 9-10 pm. After a tedious work day, classic 2D gameplay is still my main choice. Choosing Console is a straightforward, straightforward, easy-to-use game.”

I also want to do something that when playing the game that only serves the game so I choose the Console.”

Another gamer has the opposite idea: “Using a PC is a 2 in 1 solution, just playing the game is working. Can be called pure game.”

Conclusion: PC and Console all have their own advantages. Score still 2-1.

5. Cost to buy gaming system

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A professional gamer says, “How much is that?”

And that is the answer of a serious middle-aged man who is already middle-aged and usually has more money than young people. What are the gaming systems that young people under the age of 28 should choose?

For this part it is hard to say which one is more economical. For example, a console is often cheaper than a gaming PC. But that does not yet see the other costs when using the console. For example, if you want to play online on the console whether Xbox or Playstation you have to pay the manufacturer a fee called online service. This can cost up to $ 10 a month.

However, if you play only certain games like Ori and The Blind Forest, buying a console is a more economical option in this case. Since a console is now about $ 500 back, while for PCs you want to build for a game that costs at least 15tr, it can be considered as acceptable.

So in this category, we say: “Any gaming system can be!”

Conclusion: The score remains 2-1

6. The whole family plays together

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Nothing surpasses a console set in the living room of a home with a 40-inch TV. Along with 4 hands for parents and their two children play the same game as the Crimson Lands.

And you imagine that you are playing games with your lover on the PC suddenly notice the annoyance of others is not good at all.

Conclusion: Console wins. 2-2

7. What do you really need?

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At this point the score was 2-2. After all, when compared to the PC and Console, we compare the two supercar Ferrari and Lamborghini. It depends on the needs of each person and his or her main interests. So before you decide to buy a device you should find a quiet space. Take a paper and a pen and answer the following question types:

What games will you play?

Are you interested in AAA games or other games that require more graphics?

Do you play online games?

Do you really need a powerful gaming PC?

And more questions depend on your needs. We have a friend who has all kinds of PCs: two PCs for gaming, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iPhone, iPad, PS Vita and Nintendo 3Ds. But he only played Hearthstone. And every day we hear him complain about not playing games.

So our final advice before deciding to buy anything is to start from the game first. Because that is the most important thing, because that is the reason you are reading this article.