Secret to choosing a gaming laptop for gamers

By | December 18, 2018

Gaming laptops always have outstanding hardware power. But how to choose a gaming laptop that suits your needs?

Currently, many gaming laptops are able to work well with games that require the highest hardware. You will not need to worry about configuration settings. Of course, you can own a powerful desktop. And comes with the ability to tweak the hardware is always the dream of the majority of gamers. Of course, you are free to choose according to your budget.

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But sometimes, having a powerful gaming computer can bring with you is also a difficult problem. Because when you have to move a lot, this does not seem to be possible. So the laptop gaming was born for this reason. And take a look at each feature when choosing to buy a gaming laptop as you like.

The first is the GPU, with most games now, 3D graphics are an indispensable part. So one of the most important components of gaming laptops is the graphics processing unit (GPU). In the world, only two graphics chip makers are worth mentioning here: AMD and nVidia.

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Most laptops now use Intel’s integrated graphics core. So these GPUs are almost impossible to meet gamers’ gaming needs. While GPUs from AMD and nVidia are discrete GPUs. So they do not have to use more RAM to increase the capacity of the VRAM. Because of this, every time you run a game your laptop is overworked.

At present, nVidia GeForce GTX980M is the most powerful graphics chip on the laptop. Because it responds to about 75% of the same power as on a PC. It’s noteworthy that if you go back to 2010, the most powerful graphics chip is the GeForce GTX 480M, which is only 40% compared to the desktop version.

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However, it does not mean that you absolutely have to own such high-end stuff. It is important to your needs. Because it affects the size of the laptop you choose. If you’re not too keen on hard-core games, just pick the mid-range GPUs. On the other hand, you can choose laptops with up to two GPUs. In case you really want to immerse yourself in the fascinating game world.

The next important component is the CPU. Intel has launched a series of powerful CPUs for laptops. But actually the CPU for gaming will not need the most powerful types. The strongest in the gaming world is the GPU. The CPU just enough to use is that you can comfortably experience the game. Take a look at the three main CPU samples that Alienware uses to assemble their products.

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At the bottom of the chart is the 2.6 GHz Core i5 CPU. Next up is the 4-core Core i7 2.9 GHz CPU and finally the 4-core Core i7 3.1 GHz CPU. All are very powerful CPUs and they all support Hyper-Threading.

The only difference is that the laptop uses a 3.1 GHz CPU, which is more expensive than a 2.9 GHz laptop with an incredible price tag of $ 850. Of course, there are a lot of upgrades. But spending a lot of money just to play games with a CPU is only slightly stronger than other CPUs are not worth it. While the weakest CPU is enough for you to enjoy gaming without worrying.

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How much RAM is enough to play the game? With a laptop, we insist 8GB is a guarantee for you to play games carefree.

If you think about upgrading to the higher, 12 GB is the maximum. Definitely 12GB will make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you think about 16GB of RAM, that’s funny. Since most games now require a maximum of 6GB of RAM. And you do not need 16GB to do everything including gaming. Remember that you are choosing a gaming laptop rather than a mobile workstation.

HDD with a large capacity, of course, what about the SSD? Pay for the SSD if you want faster download times. But think about it, because the price of high-capacity SSDs is certainly not cheap. Meanwhile, the game capacity is the extremely high capacity. For example, Far Cry 4 requires a 30GB hard drive. A more reasonable alternative is to use hybrid drives. It has the capacity of an HDD and the load is only slightly less than SSD. Sometimes speed is a barrier to storage, you should consider.

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Display problems are also worth noting, you select the screen in a reasonable way. Prices range from normal to high-end products. There are not too many differences between the vendors so you should pay attention to more resolution.

The most reasonable resolution today is 1920×1080 or maybe lower if you want. High resolution displays, even up to 4K, are superfluous unless you want to squeeze out your gaming machine. The Blade laptop, made by Razer. It has a screen resolution of 3200×1800. This can be frustrating for games that need stable frame rates like FPS games.

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Most gaming laptops use the same keyboard as the regular laptops. Except for the MSI GT80 Titan, the first gaming laptop to use a mechanical keyboard. Currently, the keyboard is at acceptable levels and it is certain that gamers will use the external keyboard. But with the GT80 Titan put the mechanical keyboard on the laptop, the future will have a lot of options for gamers.

Size and heat dissipation are the final criteria for choosing gaming laptops. You can choose a laptop with up to two GPUs, multiple storage slots and a large screen. But these components will make the laptop become heavy and heat is very hot.

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You have to keep in mind that the laptop is synonymous with mobility. Sometimes the configuration is too expensive to be more expensive than the money you spend. And maybe you will lose the convenience of a laptop. Of course, if you pay for a laptop like that, I’ll laugh at your face when the money to buy a gaming desktop would be much more reasonable.

After choosing a gaming laptop that gamers like. Not many people will wonder whether they can upgrade the configuration of the laptop or not. The answer is Yes and No. You can upgrade RAM, hard drive but do not think about upgrading CPU or GPU. That is the disadvantage of the laptop compared to the desktop. So choose your gaming laptop carefully and cherish it in the years to come.