The Experience Of Buying A Best Cheap Gaming Monitor

By | May 1, 2018

The Experience Of Buying A Best Cheap Gaming Monitor Under 200 Dollars

The best cheap gaming monitor is very rich and diverse with many different models and brands. When you go to a retail store with a display screen, you’ll be amazed how it falls into the matrix. In the absence of experience, you will not know which screen to buy. And if no one counsels you with the basic criteria of the minimum gaming monitor that needs to be, this article will help you understand more about the best \ cheap gaming monitor you are about to buy.

Actually, every screen is gaming and the old days of gaming no one cares about the best cheap gaming monitor as it is now. Nowadays, due to the growing technology, the demand of gamers is also increasing. Because we want to play games must be smoother to transfer from a CRT display to LCD display to meet the needs of professional gamers.

best cheap gaming monitor

How does the best cheap gaming monitor differ from normal screens?

It optimizes responsiveness such as signal latency, pixel response rates, and so on to deliver the smoothest gaming experience possible.

Manufacturers want to make a standard monitor for gaming. Sometimes sacrifice image quality in exchange for this smoothness. Some manufacturers are looking to balance image quality and smoothness and then integrate the look features. However, the fact that the new features do not make the experience much better, but the price of the best cheap gaming monitor is very diverse. The price of the product from super cheap to expensive, they are easy to make players confused choice.

So we need to have the basic criteria of the gaming monitor to easily buy yourself a screen that best suits.

The criteria of the best cheap gaming monitor are:

1. Screen Size:

best cheap gaming monitorThe screen size is great when playing games, you will find very interesting. But large screen size is not necessarily good. Because when we play games we will sit very close to the screen. There will be times when the climax, tension, all the attention will be concentrated in the middle of the screen. And what happens at the edge of the screen is very difficult to observe.

We play games away from the screen from 0.5 to 1m so the screen size from 24 inch to 27 inch is best. This size of the screen is very popular and the price is also reasonable depending on the line and the brand. The screen size is from 32 inches to 34 inches, but the price is very high without any obvious advantages.

In the hands of $ 200 to $ 350, you can buy a 24-inch 144 Hz monitor. But if you want to buy a screen size of 34 inches, you have to pay 2.3 times higher than the 24-inch screen. In addition to this screen will have frequencies scan only stop at 100 Hz.

So choosing the right screen will help you to experience better and save you a lot of money.

2. Screen Resolution:

best cheap gaming monitor
The higher the screen resolution, the more steely, and the configuration of the machine should also match the new game smooth. This will be great if you play action games and shooters… So gamers often reduce the resolution or effects to play the game smoothly.

Gamers who play games at resolutions other than the original resolution of the screen are not recommended. Make sure your machine is capable of at least 60 fps at its original resolution. You play at any resolution, the signal is the resolution, and the upscale problem depends on the best cheap gaming monitor.

Expensive screens cost around $ 1000, so the upscale feature is poor. The other options that make the monitor lack of iron grain fragments are also blurred… Unless the game at the original resolution is not so.

3. Screen Ratio:

best cheap gaming monitor

Currently the most popular screen ratios are 16: 9 and 21: 9. The most popular 16: 9 ratio because of the absolute compatibility of all games. The ratio of 21: 9 to appear later. It’s not compatible with all 16: 9 games, but most blockbuster games come with support.

If you do not want to worry about compatibility though playing any game, choose a 16: 9 aspect ratio. You will be more comfortable playing the game. Want to experience the ultra-wide screen like in the movie when playing the game, choose the ratio of 21: 9.

4. Response rate of the screen:

Gaming monitor should have a response speed of 5ms down to 1ms. The lower the number, the better. However, it has some disadvantages such as poor looking, pale iron

If you play games for fun, then you should choose the screen using IPS and VA technology at 5ms. This type of screen apart from gaming you can still use to watch movies or edit amateur graphics. For professional gamers who want to play the game is to win, then select the screen using TN technology with a speed of 1ms. Although they have higher prices and image quality is not equal to IPS and VA.

5. Features that support gamers:

The details support gamers such as anti-blur, increase the brightness in the dark, set the virtual center between the screen… These features belong to the hardware, sometimes also from the editing of the software. These features do not work much so you do not care about these features when choosing to buy a gaming monitor.

6. Refresh rate:

best cheap gaming monitor

The higher the refresh rate, the better the game. Motion pictures of 144 Hz will be smoother than 120 Hz. And of course 60 Hz is not as smooth as 120 Hz, but as long as not everyone knows your gaming machine must be strong to output frame rate (fps) equal to or higher than the refresh rate. This is called FPS, which is the key factor that determines the smoothness of the frame while playing the game.

In order to take advantage of the high refresh rate, your machine must be strong enough to output the corresponding frame rate (fps).

When deciding to buy the best cheap gaming monitor, you have to know how powerful your gaming machine is. Now all high refresh rate monitors are designed for PC games.