Why is the 144Hz monitor the standard for all gamers?

By | May 10, 2018

Why is the 144Hz monitor the standard for all gamers?

The 144Hz monitor. Maybe gamers in the world are familiar with the ads introduced game monitor with “144Hz scan frequency”. Today, with the development of the gaming community in the world, more and more products are being marketed as “gaming monitors”. These monitors can meet the refresh rate of 100, 120, 165, 240 or even 144 Hz monitor.

Basically for a gamer, a gaming monitor with a 60Hz or 75Hz sweep frequency. This is the refresh rate of most monitors using IPS panels. It is almost impossible to meet their needs. While for a gamer the usual offline blockbuster games require only the player to own a computer system capable of pulling the image speed up to 60 FPS steadily, This is simply because they Equipped with a monitor with a traditional 60Hz refresh rate.

144hz monitor

So why do we need 144Hz monitor? Why is 144Hz not 100 or 120Hz?

What is the refresh rate?

Before LCD, Plasma or LED panels appear on the market today. And before we usually know only the screen with the technology bulky, big, bulky and heavy. And people all over the world call it CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) technology. Basically, these monitors work by the principle that one or more electrons shoot particles onto a phosphorous screen to produce images.

144hz monitor

At this time, the concept of frequency sweep was born, but people are only interested in “horizontal frequency”. Because the image tube must scan continuously to create the image. And gaming monitor at that time also has a refresh rate of 75 to 100Hz. Even more so thanks to the huge speed of the electrons. You can watch in the video below with a Samsung Syncmaster monitor and a 120Hz Samsung 2233RZ LCD monitor below:

This is also the peak of Counter-Strike 1.6. When the gamers are too familiar with the large refresh rate. This means that the smoothness of the image is also proportional to the refresh rate in computer monitors. Then the LCD screen appeared, and gradually replaced the bulky CRT monitors. So instead, the monitor is tiny and extremely attractive.

But then the first generation LCD screen has revealed the inadequacies in the process of using. Most substrates only meet the standard 60Hz refresh rate when there are no electrons such as CRTs. Instead, the image is constantly changing by changing the color of each pixel.

144hz monitor

For professional gamers, this is unacceptable. Many retired as the days of CRTs passed. But they did not expect that with the advancement of technology, LCD has solved the weaknesses of the predecessor generation.

What is “smooth” for gamers?

We may ask, “Are you still playing 60 FPS games? Why use a higher scan frequency?

144hz monitor

The answer lies in the processing phase of the player. In professional gaming matches, where hundreds of thousands of even millions of dollars are organized. The eyes and hands of the player are always the ultimate weapon. And the computer monitor is the game that serves their reflexes. Because of that, the screen itself needs its own reflection. And the parameters that we are going to analyze below can make many people feel surprised.

You assume that 60Hz, or 60 FPS are smoother.

However, compared to the film, at 24 frames per second, 60 FPS is actually smoother. But we have forgotten something very important in the game of resistance. That is the latency between frames. Basically, the LCD screen technology, a game display at 60 FPS frame rate will have a delay between two frames is 16.67ms.

The best gaming monitor needs to raise the refresh rate to 120Hz, the lag between the two frames is 8.33ms. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the delay in changing each frame. And if you push the refresh rate up to 144Hz (144Hz monitor) and the delay between two consecutive frames is only 6.94 ms. Between 16.67ms and 6.94ms, the glance seems to be just a short blink of an eye. But in a second, the screen changes the image 60 to 144 times so the difference is huge. For gamers, the higher the frequency, the faster the image changes. This means that the game will be smoother for gamers to enjoy or compete. The click phase will also be more accurate and faster.

144hz monitor

At the launch event, the Samsung CFG70 gaming monitor was recently held. You should have the opportunity to contemplate and compare the differences between two screens with 60 and 144 Hz.

However, the display has a frequency of 144Hz monitor to work the highest. Your computer system should also be powerful enough to take games to frame rates above 60 FPS. If you can not do that, you will only see the images exactly as you would with normal LCDs. It should be noted that on a 144Hz monitor, only games running from 80 to 100 FPS differed greatly from 60 FPS. This means that it is the maximum frame rate that a 60Hz screen can display.

144hz monitor

Why is 144Hz not 100, 150 or 200Hz?

Typically, gaming monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate are labeled as gaming monitor. Unless you have too much money to spend, you will never have the need to buy two monitors. A monitor for gaming and a monitor for watching movies.

And then, the LCD monitor manufacturers also researched that these monitors not only play smooth game. LCD monitors also provide perfect entertainment like watching movies. So this defines the parameters 120Hz or 144Hz and even 240Hz. This is simply because it is divisible by 24. This is the standard frame rate for movie movies. Thus minimizing the problems that arise while watching movies, such as jittering or tearing the frame due to false frame rates.

Maybe the screen has a refresh rate of 144 Hz is best for gamers. But you also have to consider your wallet. Because screens usually have high refresh rate details, they will have a high price tag. If you are a gamer who can afford it easily, you do not need to think much. The refresh rate of 144 Hz is really a great device for gaming. We hope you have read the article and find a product that suits your needs.